Tumbler, Sorter & Washer

One of our most popular sorting systems containing variable speed drives and customizable tubes for greater flexibility when grading oyster of different sizes.


Our production workhorse is an integrated oyster tumbler, sorter and washer designed for high production farming. Constructed of 50-53 Marine Grade Aluminum and designed to eliminate the manpower traditionally needed for oyster farming.

Customized Features

  • Adjustable legs
  • Quick change tubes no tools required
  • Safety kill switchers
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Unit can be set for right or left handed use
  • Sliding chute doors allow for tote changes while processing
  • Safety flaps to ensure all oysters fall into totes
  • Spray bar with adjustable, easily removable nozzles
  • Multiple hole sizes in tubes available

Tube features include

  • Blades designed to pull oysters from opening
  • Rim prevents back flow of oysters once they enter
  • Self-aligning belt and oil impregnated, self-lubricating rollers
  • For a complete list of the many features, please click PDF
  • Seed Tube 5/8 – 7/8 Market Tube 1 1/4 – 1 3/4 or Create a custom size for your farm


Tumbler Packages Price
3-Piece Package: Upfeed conveyor, tumbler with 2 tubes and discharge conveyor $ 31,800
2-Piece Package: Upfeed conveyor, tumbler with 2 tubes and discharge rack $ 26,800
2-Piece Package: Tumbler with 2 tubes, hand feed tray and discharge conveyor $ 21,900
Stand-alone tumbler with hand feed tray and discharge rack $ 16,900
Upfeed conveyor $ 9,900
Oyster wash tube $ 4,200
Additional tubes: Custom Hole or Standard Size: Seed tube 5/8 – 7/8 Market tube 1 1/4 – 1 3/4 $  2,595


  • Lead time is approximately 45 days from placing a 50% deposit
  • Extended Spring lead time due to order volume
  • Full payment required prior to shipping
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