Nursery Tank

Ideal for hatcheries looking for downwelling and upwelling capabilities in the same system. Also good for small scale farms looking to grow out a small quantity of small seed.


Hoopers Island Oyster Co’s upgraded nursery tanks now have fiberglass silos. Our fiberglass silos replace the PVC pipe silo series. This maximizes the surface area which increases stocking densities and eliminates the need for PVC pipe risers.  The new design increases flow rates, translating to faster growth rates for your farm. Our tank has been specially designed in-house for high efficiency and low maintenance. This new design features a deeper sloped bottom and 4” drain to allow for quick and easy cleaning. The tank is elevated by stands and includes 12 silos. Our tanks allow for upwelling and downwelling, whichever is needed, and arrive ready to use with your pumps/plumbing

Constructed of fiberglass, each unit includes a tank, silos, protective bottom guard and trough. 

Features & Benefits

  • Tanks with a sloped bottom and 4” drain for quick and easy cleaning
  • Use as a static or flow through system
  • High efficiency and low maintenance


  • 10’6” x 5’2” Tank
  • 10’6” x 10” trough
  • (12) 17×17” diameter silos equipped with nylon mesh and protective bottom guard


Please contact for pricing.

  • Complete Unit     
  • Additional Silos (available in various sizes)


  • Contact HIOC for current lead time
  • Extended Spring lead time due to order volume
  • Full payment required prior to shipping
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