Solar Oysters Production System

Harvesting the Future: Solar-Powered Innovation for Sustainable Oyster Aquaculture"


Hoopers Island Oyster Co is the premier North American distributor for the innovative, Solar Oysters Production System (SOPS).  The Solar Oysters Production System offers an innovative platform with on-site solar powered automation for oyster aquaculture.  SOPS maximizes oyster production and quality while minimizing labor input.

Environmental Benefits: 

  • Increased water filtration
  • Sequestration of Nitrogen & Phosphorus 
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Create and protect shorelines 
  • Improve water quality
  • Potential to generate nutrient credits
  • A sustainable, clean oyster production

SOPS will be commercially available in early 2025! 

Photo Credits: AJ.Metcalf, CBF, Solar Oyster, HIOC 

Images above show the Solar Oysters Production System Prototype.  The SOPS design is subject to improvements & revisions.

Key Features 

  • SOPS is created to have a small footprint
  • Utilizes 5 rotating ladders that house 575 Hexcyl baskets- exposes oysters to various water quality parameters
  • Length of basket ladders adjustable based on available water depth
  • Estimated to grow up to 200,000 oysters annually from seed to market size
  • SOPS produces an oyster with high meat-to-shell ratio with a deep cup and uniform shape from the rotation feature that allows oysters to be tumbled within the cage
  • Clean, solar energy using 12, 375 Watt panels powering rotating ladders, spray wash pump, and ancillary systems 
  • Designed to be labor-friendly as cages rotate to working level by rotating out of water positions
  • SOPS is designed to be mobile, if necessary, to protected waters in storm events


Please contact Hoopers Island Oyster at for details.



Please contact Hoopers Island Oyster at for details.

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