Floating Upweller System (FLUPSY)

Hoopers' signature seed grow-out system. Our floating upweller grows large quantities of seed while remaining user friendly and customizable.


Hoopers Island Oyster Co’s floating upwellers are specially designed in-house for low maintenance and high efficiency. The unique design incorporates a basket/silo combination to allow easy access to your seed and extend the oysters further into the water column creating more water pressure and higher water flow. Water flow from individual silos is dumped into a centrally located trough with a well and mounted pump to eliminate cavitation.


  • Easy access to seed for cleaning & grading
  • Low maintenance/High efficiency
  • Extends oysters further into water column to increase water pressure and float rates

Components & Dimensions

  • ¾ HP Ice Eater Pump
  • 8, 6-Liter Silo/Basket Combinations
  • One trough
  • Two 4’ x 8’ x 1’ dock floats
  • 8’ x 20’ Deck

Stocking Density*

  • 4mm = 60,000 per silo
  • 6mm = 30,000 per silo
  • 8mm = 18,000 per silo
  • 12mm = 3,600 per silo

*Average growth is 1mm a week, however rates vary depending on many factors including environmental conditions.


Please email or call (410.397.3664) for pricing.


  • Contact HIOC for current lead time
  • Extended Spring lead time due to order volume
  • Full payment required prior to shipping
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