Seed Sanctuary

First solar powered, in-water oyster seed incubator


Hoopers new, affordable seed sanctuary is an ingenious design that allows you to grow oysters in a protected, in-water environment adjacent to your grow-out gear or in designated lease areas

Fabricated with proven components, the design marries elements from larger nursery systems with surface gear grow-out equipment to create a smaller, portable incubator for early-stage seed.


  • Filter powered by the sun
  • Utilizes FLUPSY basket and silo
  • Durable, fiberglass silo basket with fitted lid
  • Two (2) GD-11 floats provide strong, secure buoyancy
  • Anchored with two long line clips


  • No electricity needed
  • Protects oysters during grow out from 2mm to 6mm
  • Effective and easy transport from nursery to adjacent grow out gear
  • Allows integration of multiple sanctuaries
  • Easy to stock, access and manage


  • $595*

*Excludes solar kit


  • Allow one week to install micron of choice
  • Shipping extra
  • Full payment required prior to receipt or shipping
  • Add 3% for credit card orders
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Printable Downloads

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Seed Sanctuary Data Sheet

Seed Stocking Density Guide