Go Deep Oyster Floats

Premium oyster floats for cages and mesh bags


Hoopers Island Oyster Co is an authorized dealer of Go Deep floats. Go Deep specializes in products to farm oysters using rack and bag, floating, cage and long line systems. Growing oysters near the water’s surface is becoming an increasingly popular practice around the world. Benefits include increased density of food at the top of the water column and the ability to flip and dry oyster bags to kill fouling organisms.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from industrial grade plastic
  • 100% virgin material
  • Impact-resistant robust construction
  • Highest UV package
  • Black as a standard color
  • Ribs aid in bag attachment and provide structural strength


   GD4 in GD4 cm GD11 in GD11 cm
Length 32 81.3 36 91.4
Width 3.5 8.9 4.5 11.4
Height 3.25 8.3 4.5 11.4
Net Buoyancy 9 lbs 4.1 kg 23 lbs 4.1 kg


  • GD 04- $8.00
  • GD 11-  $11.00
  • GD 80- $67.00 


  • Full payment required prior to shipping.
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