HI-Flow System

Durable surface grow out gear built for high energy water


Portable, lighter weight floating cage provides great flexibility and stability for surface grow out. Cage is available in either aluminum or PVC-coated 8-gauge wire and holds six mesh bags. Attached to two, 80-liter Go Deep floats, the HI-Flow is Hoopers Island’s signature surface system designed for high energy water environments. Bungee closures provide easy access to manage oysters during grow-out process.

Choose mesh bags in one of three sizes: 4mm, 9mm or 14mm

HI-Flow Oyster Grow Out Gear HI-Flow Oyster Grow Out Gear HI-Flow Oyster Grow Out Gear


  • Six (6) Go Deep, mesh bags
  • 4.5” x 4.5” 8-gauge wire mesh


  • Open weave construction enhances water flow around oysters and reduces areas for biofouling
  • Float riser keeps gear from being pushed by wave energy increasing stability and security
  • Lighter weight allows for easier transport and farm management
  • Side support panel provides extra reinforcement to prevent wave torque


  • Coated Wire:   $ 299.00 with bags, $ 240.00 without bags
  • Aluminum:      $ 345.00 with bags, $ 285.00 without bags


  • 50% deposit due at time of order
  • Allow two weeks for fabrication and delivery or pick up
  • Shipping extra
  • Add 3% for credit card transactions
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