Oyster Gardener Package

Grow Oysters from your Dock with everything you need in this all in one package


If you’ve ever considered growing oysters on your own dock, we’ve created the perfect package to garden the Chespeake’s keystone species: The Eastern Oyster! As you grow these little seed into adult oysters, you will see firsthand how important these  bivalves are to this estuary. As adults, these oysters can filter 1.3 gallons of water an hour, removing excess nutrients and capturing suspended sediment. These seed will provide habitat for young fish, crabs, and grass shrimp. From filtering water, to providing habitat, your oyster garden will do a whole lot of good in the body of water that they occupy!

The seed that you receive in this package from Hoopers Island Oyster Co. is created in our hatchery and grown out over approximately 3 months when they come to you. This means that we create this seed without removing anything from the natural environment. Our seed is created to be triploid, meaning they have 3 sets of chromosomes rather than 2. This makes them special because they grow at an accelerated pace and can become adult oysters in about half the time of a wild oyster. These oysters are also bred with disease resistant genetics that strengthen them against disease causing pathogens like Dermo and MSX.  For more information on how we produce oyster larvae and seed, check out our oyster farming page.

We’ve taken the guess work out of starting an oyster garden so you can enjoy watching them grow and support other organisms in your water. This package will be ready to toss in the water the minute you get home with no fuss. All seed and equipment will be appropriately sized and require very little maintenance over time.

Each oyster garden package will come with 1,000 seed greater than 8mm in size and  5 mesh bags with floats attached that can support your seed until they are 2- 2 1/2 inches in size.

Customers  that are just looking to reseed their garden may request a refill package.


Options Price
1,000  seed* with 1 9 mm mesh bag with floats and 4 14mm mesh bags with floats $500.00
Gardener Refill (1,000 seed*) $250.00

*Seed size choice will be based on availability


• All sales must be PAID IN FULL before product will be released.
• Orders requiring overnight shipping will have shipping costs added to an additional invoice.
• We must be notified within 72 hours after receiving your order to assist with count and viability disputes.
• Orders are filled in the order in which they are received.

All gardener orders will be filled on the last friday of every month between March and October in the year. Natalie Ruark (Nursery Manager) will be onsite between 12-4 to answer any questions you might have about equipment or growing your seed.

Gardener Open House Dates 2021

March 26/April 30/May 28/ June 25/July 30/ August 27/ September 24/October 29

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