Bottom Cages

These bottom cages are great for not only growing oysters, but can be utilized for reducing growth rate of market sized oysters on the surface in advance of market.


Hoopers Island’s double stacked cages are available in three sizes. They can be purchased assembled, as pre-cut kits or custom built to your specifications. Constructed with 14-16 gauge vinyl coated wire mesh, our cages deliver outstanding oyster growth.

Features & Benefits

  • Staple-reinforced mesh point corners and attached stands
  • End caps that elongate and strengthen stands
  • 25% more reinforcement staples and clips compared to our competitors


  • 3’ x 4’ cages with 1 or ¾ inch mesh
  • Bridles included


Assembled Cages – Includes 3 stands and bridle

1 Inch Cage – 3’x4’14G Double Stack Seed Cage$137
¾ Inch Cage – 3’x4’14G Double Stack Seed Cage$145
Unassembled Kits – Hardware not included
1 Inch Kit – 3’x4’Cage Kits wire panel with 3 stands$87
¾  Inch Kit – 3’x4’Cage Kits wire panel with 3 standsCall

Special orders?

  • Custom sizes also built
  • Bulk pricing available

*Average growth is 1mm a week, however rates vary depending on many factors including environmental conditions.


  • Lead time is approximately 30 days from placing a 50% deposit
  • Extended Spring lead time due to order volume
  • Full payment required prior to shipping
  • Add 3% for credit card orders
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